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Work by Wilbert



Some gifs from our film “Hout”

Check out the full film:


(Source: joostjordens)

Our 2nd year project: Hout, got a 100k views!

Updated my Vimeo

Our 2nd year project HOUT was just staffpicked on vimeo. So its going kind of viral right now… So I updated my Vimeo account because its getting a lot of attention all of a sudden :P



Our 2nd year project was just staffpicked on vimeo. +- 30k views in less then 24 hours. Whoo indeed!

Still working on this everlasting project. The damn thing takes so much time to finish…

Added a second day to my last one-day-project.

One day character project. 

A short one hour realtime 3D style test

Doin’ stencil stuff today..

Aftereffects ”wheeee” ”piewwwww” ”braaawwwww” ”booooommm” n stuff

A small analog-3D-animation test

Im finally doing something with my robot.. Making some art and storyboards to visualise what im going to do

I wanted to make a gif out of this and I did, it worked pretty well, but no website accepts 10 mb gifs..

Fooling around with aftereffects in the afternoon

Trying out some ways to animate ink and develop an ‘analog’ 3D render style.

I made this animation quite a long time ago, but I never rendered it. So I recently picket it up again and ‘finished the job’